5 Creative Ways to Use a Credenza

The interior design industry is not a static sphere; it is always on the move, incorporating new trends that enhance the aesthetic appeal of modern homes. So, while there is no harm in integrating the latest styles and designs, you require a good-old credenza to deck up your living room or dining space. You can use these traditional storage cabinets in multiple ways—some conventional and some out of the box. And before jumping onto the various creative methods to put these sideboard lookalikes to use, get to know more about them.

It dates its origin to the 14th century in Italian homes, and people have utilised it as dining room sideboards for hundreds of years. From preserving food to expensive cookware, this piece of furniture has occupied an unassuming and underrated place. 

They are often used synonymously for sideboards or buffets and are usually short in stature, coming with short or no legs. And you can purchase one to add a classical element to your home, but these are not simply antique furniture items. So, let’s look at the five methods by which you can employ them:

  • A Makeshift TV Console

Investing in a dedicated TV cabinet can strain your savings, and you may not always have the space to accommodate those elaborate structures. Instead, you can purchase these sideboards of diminutive sizes and use them as a TV console. With your television attached to the wall, you can place the soundbars, speakers, and other devices atop the sideboard. Moreover, you can avail of the compartments to protect dydepune your classic DVD players and cassettes even in this digitalised world. An ideal storehouse of your memories, isn’t it?

  • Doubling Up as a Filing Cabinet

Be it your home or office, you will always require extra space to keep all the official documents and other work-related equipment. Your filing cabinets may not accommodate your vital files in an organised manner. In such situations, a credenza can assist you in solving the space crunch. Furthermore, their shining polished woods and exquisitely designed marquetry will upgrade the interior decor of your working space. 

  • As Your Home Bar

If you have a sideboard with sliding glass doors, you have the ideal home bar setup to impress your guests. As such, display your fine collection of wines, rum, and whiskey, and impress your visitors with your preferences. Behind the glass or wooden doors, you can also stash up varied kinds of glassware, from martini to highball glasses.

  • As a Desk

It is not imperative to place a sideboard in your dining space. You can fix this furniture piece in your home office, and it will ensure roobytalk that you do not miss the services of a desk. Likewise, set your laptop on its top and have immediate access to your files without moving an inch. You can lend the finishing touches by purchasing a table lamp and having your workstation well-illuminated.

  • As a Dressing Table

Your makeup essentials can go in these small cupboards without giving you a headache as you prep for big or small occasions. You only need to buy an opulent mirror to match the elegance of these makeshift dressing tables. 

Therefore, you need not use the piece of furniture as a storehouse for your silverware and crockery. You can modify its use at your convenience without harming its natural essence. This classic furniture item and its intricate designs help establish your place as a connoisseur of art. And combined with its numerous utilities, it can never be an erroneous investment.


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