How To Strip Your Canines Coat

Suppose you are a newbie to hand stripping; it is advisable to have a professional dog groomer show you the correct technique to hand strip.

First-timers should consider having extra hands to hold their puppy, especially if it is anxious about the whole thing. When you want to hand strip your dog, allow it to sit comfortably on a stable surface like a table or counter.

Don’t rush into the activity; give your pet time to settle down. A toy and a treat or two might help get that wiggly butt planted on the surface. If your puppy seems to panic despite all these arrangements, then it may be best to postpone the activity for a better day to avoid any mishaps.

Accidental injuries, falls, and other medical emergencies can occur when you have grooming tools and a messy pet in the same place. To stay prepared for needy times like this, consider being equipped with pet insurance for dogs. Dog insurance assures a little Pupper basic medical care at affordable costs.

Contemplate purchasing a policy so getting medical help need not be financially cumbersome during distressing health situations. In the meantime, read this article to learn some helpful tips to hand strip your puppy’s coat.

  1. Give the dog a proper bath. Most undercoats will be gone. Go outdoors or to an area that won’t be bothered by lots of dog undercoat-fur stuck to everything.
  2. Get your bathing supplies set up, a tub large enough for the dog, or a hose and a place to tie the dog.
  3. You will also need a strong dish detergent. Professionals use “Dawn.” This is needed to dissolve the waxy plugs that hold shed dead hair onto the dog. Regular shampoo won’t cut it. Also have baby shampoo if the face will need washing. You can use a nice “dog shampoo” for a second lathering if you wish. I
  4. Have some towels to wipe the dog when it’s done, so he won’t shake as much water all over you.
  5. You will also need a very strong blower.
  6. Do not use a human hair dryer. Even on its lowest setting, it is too warm.
  7. Also, you need a place for the dog to “drip-dry” a bit. It takes too long to blow dry a soaking-wet dog.
  8. Wet the coat thoroughly and lather well all over with Dawn. Don’t forget the tail. Hold the dog so he won’t shake this lather off him and onto you! Try to leave this lather on for a few moments, massaging it into the coat. Then, rinse very well. (Soap/detergent left on a dog’s skin can be very irritating.) So, rinse till you are sure he is rinsed, and then rinse again!
  9. Put the dog to drip-dry a bit.
  10. Get the blower and begin to blow-dry your damp dog. Hold the nozzle right against the skin and do small areas at a time. As the coat dries, veritable clouds of undercoat will fly off any 2-coated dog! (“2-coated means guard hairs over under-fur, like Labs or GSDs.) Keep doing this until very little no hair flies off.
  11. Brush your dog to restore the oils to his coat.
  12. Now, here’s the rub. You may have to repeat this process in a week or two, because the first bath usually doesn’t get all the undercoat. But then, your dog may be so beautiful that you don’t feel the need to clip him.
  13. If you do need to clip, say, a Poodle you need the coat to be this clean. Single coated dogs like poodles don’t need the full-court-press outlines above. But still use the Dawn, to cut any grease on the coat. Be sure the coat is dry before you clip.
  14. Buy a pair of clippers and follow the directions. Be sure to remember to lube the blades as directed. Sometimes, it’s faster to rough cut with good barber’s-type scissors first.
  15. Also, cutting poodle-type shapes and different levels of coat is not nearly as easy as you think it will be!

Trimming the hair after hand stripping can help with styling but reduces the efficiency of the coat to repel water and dirt and alters the hair flow and texture. Grooming impacts a canine’s health and happiness, so don’t skip on it.

Also, consider being prepared with dog insurance because health issues are often unpredictable and many unavoidable with any amount of care taken. Contemplate purchasing a pet insurance in the least so dealing with unexpected pet health expenses can be less financially stressful.