The Long Island Expressway Bicycle Path

The Long Island Expressway bicycle path runs along part of the highway. Its northern terminus is in Selden, near a cul-de-sac. Its southern terminus is 0.3 miles west of Massapequa, where a train station is located. More information can be found at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority website.

There are a number of proposed routes. The first one, from the Queens Line to Montauk, is about 100 miles long. It would connect to the Wantagh Greenway multi-use path in Jones Beach, the Loop, and Meadowbrook Parkway right-of-ways. The other bikeways would span from the northern shore to the southern shore and are approximately 10 to 15 miles long.

The first section, which opened in January, is a beautiful bike path that follows an abandoned freight rail corridor. It passes through wetlands and small waterfalls, crosses the Empire State Trail twice, and passes the Hudson River four times. Although the Hudson is mighty in Manhattan, it’s quite modest near its source in the north.

The second section, which is also a popular route, crosses the Long Island Expressway, Washington Avenue, and East Bethpage Road. After a short skirt of the park, it enters a wooded section that runs for 2 miles. The Long Island Rail Trail also passes Trail View State Park, which contains cross-country ski trails and restrooms lobiastore.