Top Bargain Appliance Brands

It’s everyone’s dream to have a home that looks luxurious without breaking the bank. So, how do you get high-end appliances without paying an equally high price tag? Getting a great look and function at a lower price is possible by starting with these five affordable luxury brands.

What’s the Difference Between Luxury and Affordable Luxury?

Identifying the difference between luxury and affordable luxury is the first step in separating the brands. Examining the appliances themselves is the best way to do it. Luxury cooktops may have multiple burners and ovens and be much larger than standard cooktops. With affordable luxury, you can get the features you want in a more conventional size. For instance, affordable luxury refrigerators may be compact and efficient, while luxury refrigerators are usually larger and built-in.

1. Samsung

Samsung’s history of electronics makes it a perfect choice for budget-conscious and discerning consumers. Samsung doesn’t just cater to the luxury market with a few affordable options thrown in. Instead, you get a variety of options that range from affordable to the occasional luxury.

2. KitchenAid

With a wide range of appliances to choose from, KitchenAid offers appliances to suit almost every budget. This is a reliable brand to choose if you want a counter-depth refrigerator with high-end features and efficient storage. Additionally, it has a strong track record for low appliance service needs, making it one of the most reliable brands across the board.

3. Café

By offering both high-end luxury appliances and affordable luxury appliances, Café gives you the freedom to choose appliances that are right for you. The company’s hardware is designed to look high-end without necessarily carrying a heavier price tag. Various styles and prices are available for customers to choose from. Most other brands lack the luxurious look that its glass finish provides.

4. Jenn-Air

Jenn-Air is one of Whirlpool’s higher-end brands. One of the brand’s most notable innovations is downdraft ventilation. It’s unlikely that you’ll see a high-end range hood in most modern kitchens. Instead of letting heat and byproducts rise to the ceiling, downdraft ventilation pulls them down under the range. This is an excellent option if you can’t accommodate a range hood and you have a gas cooktop.

4. Bosch

Bosch is a global brand that manufactures home appliances that are energy efficient and sustainable. In fact, you’ll be struck by how well the appliances match the countertop. Although it may seem like a small achievement, it’s one that few brands can accomplish. While the price may not be as competitive as other options, you might consider it a bargain.

It is important to consider both brand and price when buying an appliance. Look at these options if you’re looking for good quality and a stylish appearance. 

Irrespective of the brand you pick, your appliances need to be properly maintained for optimum functioning. You can find affordable appliance repair at your Los Angeles location to fix any malfunction.